The farmer wants a wife – a possible flood of interest

Whether he’s been married before, or simply wishes to enter the world of marriage for the first time, when the farmer wants a wife, technology has made it simpler and easier for him to acquire a great and long-lasting bond. When a gentleman gets to a certain age, he begins to take stock of his achievements so far and his plan for the future and this certainly applies to males in their late twenties and early thirties. Perhaps when the farmer wants a wife, he’s resided in the same rural community all of his life and because of the nature of the countryside, not seen many people have passed through during his time. People often say that when a new family moves into a rural village, the flood of interest generated by fresh female faces can be electric and this is just one example of how small and close-knit rural communities can be. However, when you register with, you open up a whole new world of eligible figures of the opposite sex, all with close links to the countryside.

A rural background can be very hard for potential matches to get to grips with when they have little or no knowledge of the countryside whereas for your typical country-dweller, the countryside is hard-wired into their DNA. This explains why; when the farmer wants a wife, he may well seek someone of a similar background and outlook to himself.

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