Be the master of your own destiny

When the farmer wants a wife, there are many ways he may go about finding one. Perhaps he’ll spend numerous hours in the local public house, waiting for the woman of his dreams to walk through the door? Maybe he’ll allow his well-meaning friends and family to send him on a series of blind dates? Perhaps he’ll just get about his daily business and leisure time alone with the vague hope of someone entering his life at some point before realising years and years have slipped away and nothing has changed?

By choosing to join forces with, when the farmer wants a wife, he can take the situation into his own hands and be the master of his own destiny. He’ll no longer have to be apathetic and he’ll also be assured to learn that our service is straightforward and simple. The ease with which you can use, means that he won’t have to make sizeable dents in his free time to get things moving with us and he can let a lady become aware of his interest in a few simple clicks – much easier and far less awkward than approaching the object of his affections in a bar or similar public place!

Spare minute? Just check your phone!

He can even check for messages on the move during a spare minute on the farm when he downloads our smart phone app, to make his life even easier. So, when the farmer wants a wife, send him to us and we’ll endeavour to cut down his quest noticeably.

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