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When you think of the phrase ‘The farmer wants a wife’, chances are that you associate with tradition and the simpler way of life but these days, when a farmer does want a wife he’s far more likely to go online to make his plans a reality than to utilise more old-fashioned methods. Although couples in rural communities obviously did find a way of getting together before the internet and came along, it was certainly more difficult to get the wheels in motion. Today’s farmer can log on to the website and check for messages on the move, perhaps when out fishing or even during a few spare minutes on the farm.

The ladies of generally have informed ideas about the country way of life so won’t be impatient when it comes to waiting for a response if you are too busy to get online. The beauty of our service is that we strive to attract people who share common ground, meaning that you’re unlikely to have to arrange dates with many different people before you find someone you hit it off with. It’s free to register and make an informed decision about whether we can help you, but if you do like what you see, our upgraded ‘farmer wants a wife profile lets you get fully interactive and engage in instant messaging and video chats.

Why not get on board?

With our service you can really get to know someone before embarking upon a date, so if you’re single and love the countryside why not get on board with our ‘farmer wants a wife website?

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