Much easier than ever before

If you’re a rural single and are starting to think that you would consider a relationship again, then is one of the UK’s leading ‘farmer wants a wife websites. At we have orchestrated our service to help ensure the past concerns about rural dating can now be seen as irrelevant. If you’re tired of never meeting new faces in your community, our service makes people visible who you may have never encountered without our help. Search our profiles by area, and be pleasantly surprised as to how many potential matches live within a short drive of your property.

If you’re worried that the hours you work are too long to make the whole proposition worthwhile, then rest assured that many success stories have come together via our service, despite the various restrictions a rural lifestyle brings. You don’t even have to wait to get to a computer to check how things are going – our new smartphone app enables you to check for and send messages on the move, so you can even keep things progressing whilst out on the farm. It’s hard to imagine how country couples got together in the first place before we came along to help, but it was certainly much harder!

Extensive features

So, if you’ve not joined us yet, why not set up a ‘farmer wants a wife profile for free. If you like what you see you can always upgrade to enjoy the extensive interactive features our ‘farmer wants a wife service offers.

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