Lonely Farmer Dating

Being single can be lonely, and this can be especially true for single farmers, whose long working hours often mean that they do not have the energy, let alone the time, to socialise of an evening. That is presuming they even finish work in the evening of course. Sadly there can be little time in the calendar for farmer dating. If it is not harvest, it is drilling, if it is not drilling, it is spraying, then there is the small matter of the shooting diary to arrange. Naturally this is filed under ‘work’. If the countryside’s game birds are not kept under control then goodness knows how this will affect next year’s yields! And the pre, post and mid-shoot drinks? Well someone has to boost the country’s economic turnover of wheat based products; interestingly you can actually buy ‘grain brandy’. There, that should ease your conscience. So we have put the ‘essentials’ into the diary, but where does farmer dating fit? It is a shame that there cannot be another month slipped into the calendar, but realistically, even if there was how long would it take before they managed to grow a ‘super-crop’ in this time?! The only option is that farmers need to be more proactive with their time. Online dating can be a great way for farmers to meet fellow singles. As well as providing a source of communication away from the radio there is the very real possibility that you may meet your perfect match.

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